Attended concerts 2018

Sam Baker28-01-2018De AmerAmenwith Bart de Win on piano, Mike Meadows on percussion
Rod Picott10-03-2018De AmerAmenwith Roger Roger (Lucas Roger on vocals and guitar, Madeleine Roger on vocals and guitar)
Huub van der Lubbe20-03-2018De Kleine WillemEnschedeShow "Wat Speelt", with Jeroen van Olffen on bass & sounds, Jan Robijns on piano
Jim Keaveny07-04-2018In the WoodsLeusdenwith Alan McLachlan on guitar, Gerco Aerts on bass
Vreemde Kostgangers21-04-2018TheaterhotelAlmeloBoudewijn de Groot, Hennie Vrienten en George Kooymans with Tijn Smit on keyboards, Martijn Bosman on drums
Levi Parham, Chris Blevins & Paul Benjaman29-04-2018Café De CactusHengelowith Paul Wilkes on bass, Jake Lynn on drums
Ben Glover & Colm McClean09-06-2018In the WoodsLeusdenBen Glover guitar, vocals, Colm McClean electric guitar
Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin14-06-2018Live Stage Marnix, Café de BospoortEde1st set Anna Tivel, partly accompanied by Jeffrey Martin. 2nd set Jeffrey Martin partly accompanied by Anna Tivel.
Ian Smith, Martin Crossin & Stephen Campbell23-08-2018Mill Park HotelDonegal, IrelandPrivate sessionIan Smith on vocals and guitar, Martin Crossin on uilleann pipes and low whistle, Stephen Campbell on fiddle. With short guest appearance by Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas
Tim Grimm & Jan Lucas Grimm24-08-2018Mill Park HotelDonegal, IrelandPrivate sessionTim Grimm on vocals and guitar, Jan Lucas Grimm on vocals and harmonica
Chris Cassidy & Brian Hilley24-08-2018The Reel Inn (pub)Donegal, IrelandPub sessionChris Cassidy on vocals and guitar, Brian Hilley on accordion
Joe Mc Ginley & Lauren Hegarty25-08-2018The Reel Inn (pub)Donegal, IrelandPub session"Mad Notions" members Joe Mc Ginley on vocals and guitar, Lauren Hegarty on accordion
Rick Epping, Donny Diamond & David Doocey26-08-2018Mill Times HotelWestport, IrelandPrivate sessionRick Epping on vocals, concertina, harmonica and jaw harp, Donny Diamond on fiddle, David Doocey on fiddle. With short guest appearance by Tim Grimm and Jan Lucas
John McHugh, Maria Lynn McHugh & Tommy Doherty26-08-2018Matt Molloy's Pub, The Middle RoomWestport, IrelandPub sessionJohn McHugh on fiddle, Maria Lynn McHugh on octave mandolin & Tommy Doherty on accordion with 2 unknown guest musicians on fiddle and accordion
Freda Hatton, Julie Langan & Mags Gallen27-08-2018McCarthys Traditional BarWestport, IrelandPrivate sessionFreda Hatton on concertina and Irish harp, Julie Langan on fiddle, Mags Gallen on vocals and keyboard
Joseph Forde, Brénainn Mac Aodhagáin, Eric Heneghan27-08-2018J.J.O'Malleys Bar and RestaurantWestport, IrelandPub sessionJoseph Forde on vocals and guitar, Brénainn Mac Aodhagáin on flute, whistle, vocals and poetry recitation, Eric Heneghan on accordion with unknown guest banjo player
Peter Molloy, Joseph McNulty & Tony Reidy28-08-2018Matt Molloy's Pub, The Yard BarWestport, IrelandPrivate sessionPeter Molloy on flute, Joseph McNulty on fiddle and bodhran, Tony Reidy on vocals, mandolin and guitar
Dubhlinn (Cyril O’Donoghue, Blackie O’Connell & Eoghan Neff)29-08-2018Fitzpatricks BarDoolin, IrelandPrivate sessionCyril O’Donoghue on vocals and bouzouki, Blackie O’Connell on uilleann pipes, Eoghan Neff on fiddle and loops
Luka Bloom30-08-2018Fitzpatricks BarDoolin, IrelandPrivate session
Tim Grimm08-09-2018In the WoodsLeusdenTim Grimm on vocals and guitar with Jan Lucas Grimm on vocals and harmonica, Diederik van Wassenaer on fiddle and viola and Dylan van Meurs on electric guitar and vocals
Tim Grimm14-09-2018Café 't KeerpuntSpijkerboorTim Grimm on vocals and guitar with Jan Lucas Grimm on vocals and harmonica
Tim Grimm20-09-2018Café De BospoortEdeTim Grimm on vocals and guitar with Jan Lucas Grimm on vocals and harmonica and Jackson Grimm on banjo, mandolin and vocals
Kevin Welch22-09-2018In the WoodsLeusdensolo
Songbelt23-09-2018Herberg MolecatenHattem
Ragús The Show06-10-2018HanzehofZutphenmusicians: Fergal O Murchú - vocals, accordion, Joseph McNulty - fiddle, bodhrán, Shane McGowan - guitar, backing vocals, Matt Bashford - uilleann pipes, low whistle, tin whistle, Ciaran Mulderrig – piano, keyboard
Tim Grimm20-10-2018Popeye RecordstoreHengeloInstore concertwith Jackson Grimm on banjo, mandolin and vocals
Tim Grimm20-10-2018Café De CactusHengelowith Jackson Grimm on banjo, mandolin and vocals
Mary Gauthier25-10-2018Theater Hof 88Almelowith Michele Gazich on violin and piano, Jaimee Harris on vocals and guitar
Allan Taylor26-10-2018Evangelical-reformed churchGildenhaus - Bad Bentheim, Germany
Ben Bedford27-10-2018Popeye RecordstoreHengeloInstore concertwith Jackson Grimm on mandolin
Levi Parham and Chris Blevins27-10-2018Café De CactusHengelo
Queen of the Meadow11-11-2018at Jeroen and Elin'sHengeloLiving Room Concert
Dan Stuart, Sid Griffin & Tom Heyman17-11-2018Herman's Glass HouseNordhorn, GermanyLiving Room Concert
Rob Agerbeek Trio23-11-2018Restaurant De PoentjakDen Haag30th wedding anniversary of Anton & Markritwith Alex Milo on double bass, Ben Schröder on drums, Susanne de Rooij on vocals