SLEEPWATER seeks crowdfunding for 3rd album

After their succesfull debut “SLEEPWATER” and the even better received follow up “SUNWRITTEN”, plans for a third Sleepwater album are taking shape.  Sleepwater, one of my favourite Dutch bands, will be making a move towards alternative popmusic with plenty of harmony vocals. It could even become a concept album (remember the 70’s?).

To make this all possible, the band is looking for financial support of approximately €4000,- for which they will deliver special options in return.

People who want to support Sleepwater with this project will be kept up to date by a newsletter.

The following options are available:

  • Pre-order of the new CD or MP3:    € 10,-
  • Voluntary gift without anything in return:   € 2,-
  • Mention of your name on the artwork of the CD on the ‘thank you list’ and mention on the Sleepwater website :  any amount greater than € 5,-
  • Acoustic session CD or MP3 file containing 10 songs. Some of these have never been released before and will not appear onthe new album:  € 15,-
  • A photograph made and/or chosen by you on the artwork of the new CD:  € 20,-
  • CD lyrics + chords in digital format incl. a picture of the band:  € 20,-
  • You choose one of your favorite Sleepwater songs for the band to record for the acoustic session CD. If the song of your choice isn’t selected, you don’t have to pay : € 25,-
  • Appear in the first videoclip of a song  of the new album which will be published on youtube:  € 20,-
  • Attend a rehearsel of Sleepwater and have a beer with the band members:  € 20,-
  • Attend a listening session  of the new  CD near Udenhout (NL) where the band and their staff will also hear the new album for the first time:  € 50,- (incl. refreshments), if you want to bring some friends or family it’s another €40 each
  • Bandmembers Liseth (in Tilburg-NL), Wil (in Udenhout-NL) or Ad (in Rosmalen-NL) will give you a guitar lesson of 60 minutes in which they teach you to play a Sleepwater song. The result will be recorded with a zoomrecorder and dropped in your mailbox:   € 50,-
  • A 45 minute acoustic house concert at your own home:  € 150,- (+ travel expenses for distances greater than 40 km from Udenhout-NL)

You can register for one of these options at one of the following e-mail addresses: or

Here you can watch and listen to Sleepwater.


Musiclovers, let’s all chip in and make this third Sleepwater album happen !